How To Draw Something Scary or Creepy

Drawing something scary or creepy is not as a hard as most people would imagine. There are some tips to help a person learn how to draw something scary and creepy.


When drawing scary things be sure to exaggerate the feature. For example when drawing the eyes of a monster make them larger and more intense than normal. The eyes are very important. They should be altered in a way that they will draw attention right to them. When drawing a face of a creepy being it should be in the shape of a skull. When people see the image of a skull they associate it with death and this will add to the creepy feeling of the picture.


Shading is very important when drawing scary things as well. Many very scary pictures have a lot of negative space. This space is just black and has no color to it. People tend to like positive space when they are looking at things so they will know exactly what they are looking at. To many the unknown is scary. A person should also use a lot of dark shading and figures that are hiding in the shadows are popular for scary images.


Detail is very important when drawing scary images. The more detail that something has the scarier it will be. The drawing will also appear to be more realistic when a great deal of detail is used. The person looking at the picture should think they are seeing an image that can appear in the real world. Even the smallest details in the picture can lead to the look of it being scaring.


If a person is not sure where to get started with their creepy drawing they should start by drawing something normal and something that they are confident in making. The only difference is that all of the details that they normally add should be left out. Once the basic outline of the image is complete they can go back and add scary details. These details can include dripping blood, open wounds, claws, and do not forget the shading. There are some seemingly nice and happy items that can be turned creepy drawings.


For example, a person can draw a baby and then add a knife in its hands. A person can also draw a cute little animal with creepy eyes and blood dripping out of its mouth. Fangs help with that drawing as well. The space also means usually indicates that something is creepy and scary. There are some items that can be added to the picture that does not look like they belong there to make it scary. A person can add the figure of a ghost in the background. They can also add something peeking out from under a bed to give the viewer a good scare.


These are some tips on how to draw scary and creepy images. People often fear what they do not know and these images can really creepy a person out and give them nightmares. If you’re using paint, make sure to haveĀ recipes for laundry soap, you’ll need to remove those stains!